Island Framery is currently re-branding itself as The Handsome Framer. We look forward to sharing our new site with you soon.

Please note that we no longer carry art supplies, and will remove references to this on the site as quickly as possible.

Welcome! Island Framery is located at the Bayview Cash Store on the south end of Whidbey Island. We offer: Friendly Service; Quality, Archival Framing; Art Supplies; and Original Art.

5603 Bayview Rd
Langley, WA 98260
We specialize in custom framing to meet your design and preservation needs. Friendly service, listening to the customer, and fair pricing are all top priorities. Our home and yours is of the utmost importance to us, so, the majority of our offerings are sustainably managed; whether it be LEED approved products, locally-milled windfall Alder, or acid-free matting approved by the Forest Stewardship Council .

We usually feature one local artist a month in our fun boutique venue.

Art Supplies:
We carry a selection of studio grade art supplies. Feel free to call and find out if we have what you need in stock. If we don't have it on hand, you could save yourself a chunk of change--we can usually get it within 5 days and Special Orders receive 25% off MSRP. Students of our Art Classes also save!

Current instruction is provided by Chris Dennis, BS in Drawing and Painting. Classes are generally taught toward a contemporary aesthetic.

Get Your Sweetheart Deal!

Reserve Custom Framing NOW
and SAVE UP TO 45%!

Purchase a reservation of at least $100.00
by Valentine's Day, 2/14/13, cash in
this credit toward custom framing
anytime* in 2013, and reap up to 45% savings**.

*Discounts are applied to new framing orders placed after 2/14/13 only.  Although your credit may be used
anywhere within The Island Framery, Inc., the discount may not be applied to purchases outside of the custom
framing department, and may not be used for repair work, modifications to existing frames, or, raw supply

**45% discount applies to each $100.00 reservation increment only, any remainder in the final total which exceeds
the initial $100 increment will be charged full price.  For instance, your initial pre-tax total comes to the sweet spot
of $167.28: when the discount is applied, your pre-tax total comes to $92, and with 8.7% tax, you arrive at an even
$100--full price applies to the remainder of pre-tax totals past $167.28.

The incentive above may not be combined with any other coupons or offers.